Lawsuit: Drunk driver killed South Roxana father of two young kids

The South Roxana man and father of two young children was driving north on Illinois Route 255 last month. Without warning, an allegedly drunk driver making a U-turn slammed head-on into his vehicle. The 30-year-old father to a son and daughter died of his injuries.

His estate has filed a legal claim against the woman who was “in an intoxicated and drugged condition.” The estate has also named as a defendant a second driver, who slammed his car into the victim’s vehicle after the initial crash.

The lawsuit asks for damages from the two defendants for pain and suffering, economic loss, funeral expenses and financial support for the victim’s children.

The suit claims the female defendant was at fault for the crash and might have been impaired by alcohol at the time. It states that she made a U-turn and then drove south in the northbound Route 255 lane near Humbert Road.

Though no criminal charges have been filed as of this writing, an Illinois State Trooper reported smelling alcohol on the woman as she was being moved from her car to an air medivac. He also said he spotted a beer can in her car.

A witness stated that they had to drive off the road to avoid a collision with the woman’s vehicle.

The second defendant was in a 2013 Jeep Wrangler behind the victim’s vehicle at the time of the crash. The Jeep slammed into the back of the victim’s car.

Obviously, no amount of money can bring back victims of drunk drivers. Just as obvious, however, is the fact that young children will need financial support to help provide food, clothing, education and much more.

If you have lost a loved one to an impaired driver, contact an attorney experienced in wrong death and personal injury litigation to discuss your legal options.