Illinois and Missouri Drunk Driver Accident Lawyers

At Johnston Law Offices, we are committed to justice. We will stand beside people injured by drunk drivers throughout Missouri and Illinois. We understand dram shop laws and liability, and we will pursue action against bars, clubs, or restaurants that negligently provided alcohol to the drunk driver who caused the accident. Our goal is to pursue the compensation you deserve and see that justice is done.

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At the Johnston Law Offices, Over 33 years, we have experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases for people throughout Missouri and Illinois, including those in Edwardsville, the Metro East area, St. Louis County and City, St. Charles County, Madison County, and St. Clair County.

Our first course of action in car accident and truck accident cases caused by drunk drivers is to pursue the driver. The driver has committed a grievous act of negligence, and we will work hard to see that the driver is held responsible for what he or she has done. We will seek compensation for hospital bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any other costs you have incurred as a result of the crash.

Our next step is to pursue the establishment that served too much alcohol to the negligent driver, if one was involved. We will seek to hold it responsible for its actions and, ultimately, attempt to prevent this from happening again by causing it to lose its liquor license.

An additional step involved in these matters is the criminal case. DUI/DWI, also known as drunk driving, is a criminal offense. We will assist you with your obligations as part of the criminal proceedings and follow up on any recovery that comes along with them. The goal of this process is to hold the person who caused the alcohol-related accident responsible for his or her actions.

We offer a free initial consultation with an attorney on drunk driving accidents as well as dram shop laws and liability. Contact us at (618) 655-1234.


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