Fractured Bones

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A fractured bone can put you out of commission for weeks. Depending on where the injury occurred, you may be unable to work, unable to drive and unable to perform routine daily tasks.

Other bone fractures — such as broken backs — can cause extreme hardship, requiring a lengthy rest and recuperation period. At the Johnston Law Offices, we provide experienced legal help to people who have sustained fractured bones due to another party’s negligence.

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Experienced Legal Help for Accident Injury Victims

Our team of attorneys is dedicated to helping our injured clients recover as fully as possible from their injuries. We seek fair compensation on behalf of our clients so they can attend to their medical expenses, lost wages and other losses.

Our personal injury law firm frequently represents people who have sustained fractured bones in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents. We take your injuries as personally as you do, and we are dedicated to helping you obtain a successful resolution to your claim.

Johnston Law Offices provides attentive and knowledgeable representation to people who have sustained fractured bones to the back, legs, arms, hands, feet and other body party. We help you obtain the compensation you need to move on with your life.

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