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Have you suffered a serious work injury? Johnston Law Offices can help. We understand the importance of your income. We know that you expect to remain safe at your job so you can continue to earn the money you need to pay your bills and support your family. When that expectation is not met, it can put everything in jeopardy. We are here to help you.

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There are two varieties of work injury cases. The first is the workers’ compensation cases. These are cases in which your employer is responsible for your injury. The other type is called third-party liability. This occurs when someone other than your employer was responsible, such as the manufacturer of equipment that you were using or a contractor working on the same job as you.

Edwardsville, St. Clair, & Madison County Work Injury Lawyers

Whether you have suffered a repetitive trauma injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe back injury, knee injury, or any other injury in the workplace, we can help. The Johnston Law Offices have been serving this community over 33 years. We are available to help people throughout Missouri and Illinois, including clients in Edwardsville, the Metro East area, St. Louis County and City, St. Charles County, Madison County, and St. Clair County.

We are available to help anyone with a workers’ compensation or work injury case, including steel mill workers, industrial workers, salespersons, construction workers, office workers, healthcare workers, nurses, and more. Mr. Johnston has been a longstanding union member. We are on your side. We are devoted to helping people, not big business.

Our law firm is dedicated to providing personal attention to every case. We pride ourselves on returning all our phone calls and being there when our clients need us. We will listen to you. We will put a legal plan into action to meet your needs.

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