Highway Construction Accidents

Southern Illinois and Missouri Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Highway construction projects are often contracted out to private, independent construction companies. While there are state safety regulations intended to protect highway construction workers, the placement of equipment, roadway markers, even the physical condition of a road can create hazards for motorists.

At the Johnston Law Offices, our attorneys investigate accidents involving highway construction on bridges, underpasses, city streets, turnpikes, and highways. We identify safety violations and general negligence on the part of construction companies and construction workers that lead to serious accidents, injuries or even a wrongful death. When necessary, we consult accident investigators, safety experts, engineers, and other professionals in analyzing data and evidence from the site of an accident in a highway construction zone.

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Causes of Highway Construction Accidents

Johnston Law Offices represents clients in cases involving highway construction accidents caused by the following:

  • Unmarked dip in the road
  • Excessively sharp curve
  • Debris on the road
  • Crane accidents
  • Improperly placed cones or barrels
  • Shoulder lower than road
  • Grooves in the pavement
  • Lack of warning signs
Liability and Negligence in Highway Construction Accidents

Contractors and construction companies have a duty of care not to endanger drivers. In certain cases, this means using signs, cones, and speed zones to minimize dangers to drivers and construction workers. In other cases, construction companies should foresee potential dangers inherent in using certain kinds of machinery or diverting traffic flow in a particular way. When accidents occur, liability can be assessed by determining if a contractor undertook actions to avoid certain dangers and hazards that resulted in injury to a car, truck, or motorcycle driver.

Determining Liability in Highway Construction Accidents

Our attorneys understand how to investigate the actions of construction companies and road workers in highway construction accidents. We have the experience and investigative resources needed to reconstruct what happened and identify safety violations and lapses in good judgment on the part of contractors and construction firms.

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