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When improperly designed or maintained roads lead to serious or fatal traffic accidents, governments and construction companies can be held liable. Even in cases where negligence on the part of a driver may be the initial cause of an accident, a defect in road design or maintenance may have made the accident much worse.

At the Johnston Law Offices, our attorneys work with surveyors, engineers, safety experts, and accident investigators in exposing defective road designs that lead to serious injuries and fatal accidents. Since defects can be repaired or foliage removed from obscured signs, our lawyers work hard to immediately gather evidence, take photos, and document poor road design or maintenance.

If you skidded off the highway or were involved in a side-impact accident, don’t assume road conditions had nothing to do with it. To schedule a free consultation and discuss your case, contact a defective road design attorney at Johnston Law Offices today.

Design Flaws and Poor Road Maintenance in Illinois roads

Johnston Law Offices represents injury victims and family members of those killed in automobile accidents due to the following road defects and disrepair:

  • Lack of guard rails along curves and hillsides
  • Poor drainage, leading to water collecting on pavement
  • Improperly graded curve
  • Lack of proper road shoulder
  • Improperly marked road construction
  • Open trench
  • Uneven shoulder or pavement
  • Large, unfilled potholes
  • Trees, weeds, or grass blocking stop signs or other signage
  • Lack of warning signs before curves or dips in the road

Defective Road Design as a Contributing Factor

In certain cases, a car or truck accident is made worse by defective road design or disrepair. For instance, an accident may result in a car flipping and rolling down an embankment. While a defect in the road may not have caused the initial accident, the Illinois or Missouri Department of Transportation may be liable for failing to install road guards.

In certain cases, there may be a history of accidents along a certain stretch of road due to a failure to take preventive action on the part of the state. For example, the evening angle of the sun along a stretch of country highway may make it almost impossible for drivers to see a stop sign.

If there is a documented history of a number of accidents occurring at that intersection at that time, the state may be liable for not taking action to minimize or prevent these kinds of accidents.

Contact a Defective Roadway Design Attorney at Johnston Law Offices

Serving both Illinois and Missouri, our injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to recover damages for people injured in accidents caused by defective road design or other dangerous road conditions.

If you believe road disrepair or faulty road design played a role in your accident, contact a personal injury attorney at Johnston Law Offices today.


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