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Illinois and Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Illinois driver hits trifecta: impaired, distracted, speeding

An Illinois man northeast of Edwardsville was a confluence of some of the worst things a person can do while behind the wheel. According to a recent news article, the man was driving his car “at a high rate of speed” while texting and while impaired. It should be no surprise that his Chevy Cobalt slammed into a stopped vehicle at an intersection and flipped onto its roof.

What is surprising is that this distracted driving and drunk driving crash resulted in only minor injuries to the Cobalt driver. The other driver suffered no injuries, according to the news report.

How often are truck drivers abusing drugs and alcohol?

The truck driving profession can be a difficult and lonely one, and unfortunately, many truck driving professionals seek to combat the loneliness and deal with the difficulties of the job by abusing drugs or alcohol. While anyone who uses drugs or alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel presents a serious danger to other motorists, truck drivers who do so may present even more of a public threat simply because of the size and weight of their vehicles.

When cars and commercial trucks crash, the drivers and passengers in the smaller automobile are typically the ones to suffer the most severe injuries. Truck drivers who drink alcohol or abuse substances before getting behind the wheel can seriously hinder their driving ability in doing so, which in turn can dramatically increase your risk of a truck-involved accident, injury or fatality. So, just how common has substance abuse become among today’s semitruck drivers?

Illinois drivers urged to slow down or move over

Scott’s Law requires drivers to either move over or slow down for stopped police vehicles. But Illinois State Police Captain Carl Heintz says far too often law enforcement officers’ lives are put at risk by motorists who refuse to move over.

The danger is not only to cops, of course, but also to other motorists. By failing to move over or slow down, drivers ignoring Scott’s Law can cause motor vehicle crashes that injure police officers and motorists.

Illinois driver falls asleep, survives crash with big rig

If you drive southeast of Edwardsville for about 140 miles, you will arrive in the small town of Carrier Mills, Illinois. The village of less than 2,000 residents was the site of a recent collision between a tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle on US 45.

According to local law enforcement officials, the woman fell asleep at the wheel of her vehicle, went off of the road and then sideswiped an 18-wheeler after she had managed to get her pick-up back on the highway. A news report stated that the 68=year-old was taken to a nearby hospital with unspecified injuries.

Dropping temps and falling snow does not mean bikes aren't out

The headline on a recent River Front Times article reads, "Polar Vortex Will Make St. Louis Weather Colder Than a Snowman's Balls Next Week." That's a pretty colorful way to talk about something so chilling. The St. Louis Times' take on the forecast was more muted: "Polar vortex to bring negative temperatures to St. Louis area."

When temperatures are predicted in single digits, many forego their normal routines and just stay inside. But there are hardy people in our region who venture out regardless. And while it may be hard to fathom, some of them could be bicyclists. If you doubt it, consider that in Minneapolis last week, when wind chills hit -50, cyclists were out. And some even said they enjoyed it.

Danger levels can be high in sanitation work

Sanitation workers can face significant safety risks when performing their duties. This includes risks of getting harmed by distracted drivers when out on their pickup routes. Just how high danger levels can get for such workers can be seen in federal workplace fatality data.

This data is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It indicates that, in 2017, refuse and recyclable material collectors had the nation’s 5th highest workplace fatality rate among civilian occupations. This rate was 35 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers

Speeding is a rising problem that endangers everyone

Our lives are busy, and we are often short on time to get things done. Some drivers work speeding into their packed schedules, and excessive speed is an increasing problem in the U.S.

When on the road with a speeding driver, do whatever you can to get out of the way to avoid becoming a statistic.

A closer look at an Illinois highway crash

If you drive south of Edwardsville for about 100 miles, you will come to the small town of De Soto which sits just north of Carbondale. The village was recently the site of a violent, head-on motor vehicle crash on U.S. 51.

A man was killed Monday morning after his southbound vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic and slammed head-on into a northbound vehicle, law enforcement officials said.

Injured in a hit-and-run accident? Don't lose hope

In any car crash, there is a risk of injury and property damage. This is why drivers must stay on the scene of an accident if there may be injuries or damage in excess of $1,500. In fact, it is a law in Illinois that parties must report these accidents.

Unfortunately, not everyone complies with this law and they leave the scene of a crash. In these cases, it is important for injured parties to not lose hope: There are ways to identify and find hit-and-run drivers.

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