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Illinois and Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

University of Illinois wrestler killed in hit-and-run

Illinois is home to many fine public universities, including our own Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. To our northeast sits the state's biggest seat of higher education: the University of Illinois with its Champaign-Urbana campus.

The prestigious school recently suffered a shock when a member of its wrestling team was killed in a car accident that law enforcement officials describe as a hit-and-run. Twenty-one-year-old Francis Edelen was killed in a crash on Interstate 57 near Rantoul, according to news reports.

Investigation ongoing into fatal St. Louis crash

A fatal chain reaction crash in St. Louis left one person dead and three injured, as the police try to figure out exactly what happened in the unfortunate incident. The crash occurred last week when a vehicle headed westbound on Reavis Barracks rear-ended a second vehicle. That second vehicle was pushed into oncoming traffic, leading to it getting struck by a third vehicle.

The driver of the first vehicle that triggered the entire incident is a 19-year-old man who survived the crash but was hospitalized in stable condition. Two people were injured in the second vehicle. One is a 19-year-old woman who is in stable condition at a hospital, but the other is a 48-year-old woman who was rushed in for emergency surgery and is said to be in "extremely critical condition."

3 top injuries for hotel cleaners

As a hotel cleaner, you have an important job. Your occupation revolves around customer satisfaction, ensuring that their leisure time and disposable income are put to good use. People want a tidy place to stay while on vacation or business trips. Unfortunately, your job responsibilities can take a toll on you.

Hotel housekeepers like you may suffer workplace injuries due to sudden accidents or simply working hard over a long period of time. Here are some common ways hospitality workers sustain injuries that you should be aware of so you can be safer. 

Research: drowsy driving causes 10 percent of all crashes

With interstates on three sides of Edwardsville, we know that highway crashes often result in severe injuries and, in far too many cases, fatalities. Experts say that the risks of motor vehicle collisions, injuries and deaths rise dramatically when drivers combine speed with distractions or impairment.

Another common cause of crashes that is starting to receive attention that has long been due: drowsy driving. A recent AAA study indicates that the percentage of auto accidents involving drowsiness is nearly eight times higher than previously believed.

Truck accidents happen for many different reasons

In many cases when a truck accident occurs, the truck driver is deemed to be at fault. Additionally, it is common for people who hear about truck accidents to immediately think this without knowing the facts. To some degree, this is warranted given the reputation that the truck industry has and their penchant for pushing drivers to meet deadlines at any cost.

However, there are circumstances where a truck accident occurs because of the negligence of another driver involved in the crash. For example, the driver of a passenger vehicle may have been driving in a blind spot of the truck, making it impossible for the truck driver to know that the vehicle was even there. Another example is if a passenger vehicle quickly merges in front of a truck, giving the larger vehicle no time to properly react to it. This can also happen with sharp braking by a passenger vehicle.

How long trucker commutes are endangering motorists

Most Americans recognize that there are inherent risks involved with sharing the road with commercial truckers due in part to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles. When truck drivers engage in substance abuse, alcohol abuse or distracted driving behaviors, the risks become even more pronounced, but safety advocates believe there is a new factor affecting today's truckers and their driving abilities: long commutes.

Long trucker commutes, which are those that last in excess of 150 minutes, are placing a strain on truckers at increasing rates.

Lawsuit: Drunk driver killed South Roxana father of two young kids

The South Roxana man and father of two young children was driving north on Illinois Route 255 last month. Without warning, an allegedly drunk driver making a U-turn slammed head-on into his vehicle. The 30-year-old father to a son and daughter died of his injuries.

His estate has filed a legal claim against the woman who was “in an intoxicated and drugged condition." The estate has also named as a defendant a second driver, who slammed his car into the victim's vehicle after the initial crash.

What type of driving weather is most dangerous in Madison County?

As we write this, the weather forecast for Edwardsville is that the temperature will get up to 73 degrees tomorrow, while the high for tomorrow is projected to be a mere 38. As long-time residents understand, it's not unusual for our weather to swing from one extreme to another -- sometimes in the course of a single day.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the most dangerous weather here in Madison County is, believe it or not, clear weather. In a breakdown of motor vehicle crashes resulting in injuries in the most recent year for which data is available, there were far more accidents on clear days than in any type of inclement weather. Of course, that stands to reason: there are more clear days here than any other.

Get the physician assistance you need with workers' comp

After an accident, people depend upon medical professionals to assist them with getting better and adjusting to a new physical wellbeing, if need be. In the case of a workers' compensation claim, this relationship may become tainted.

Those employees who seek to get the most out of their claim must understand the various aspect of the process. There are a few things to keep in mind in regard to working with a workers' comp physician.

Truck accidents: by the numbers

Because Edwardsville is nearly surrounded by interstate highways, we understand better than most the dangers posed by large commercial trucks to occupants of passenger vehicles. Enormous 18-wheelers are longer, taller, wider and heavier than cars. Experts say that big rigs are also much more difficult to maneuver and stop.

Though tractor-trailers are much more dangerous than passenger vehicles, they are also much safer in accidents, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says. According to federal government statistics from 2015, more than 3,800 people died in crashes involving large commercial trucks. It will surprise few people to learn that most of the fatalities were passenger vehicle occupants.

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