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Illinois and Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Illinois summertime nemesis for motorcyclists: “green ice”

Freshly cut grass that is left unbagged and instead strewn over lawns is encouraged by landscapers and conservationists. It acts as a fertilizer and is altogether healthy for yards and parkways across Illinois.

The same obviously cannot be said for the practice when the grass hits pavement. When that occurs, the clippings instantly become imperiling agents on the roadway, posing especially dire consequences for one demographic.

What steps should you take in the wake of a workplace accident?

A scenario featuring a work-related accident or injury is scary for any Illinois or Missouri employee.

And understandably so, with an unexpected health-linked downside raising dire and immediate concerns. How serious is the problem? Will it require time away from work? Will the ability to receive a paycheck and provide for family needs be compromised?

AAA study: Deaths in red-light crashes hits 10-year high

The pace of life today is faster and at times more frantic than it has ever been before. For many, that means there is a sense of urgency every time they’re behind the wheel of their vehicle. They feel that they have to get to their destination quickly.

Some of those drivers try to lop off seconds here and there as they navigate Edwardsville, regularly driving faster than the speed limit, rarely coming to complete halts at stop signs and trying to sail through intersections even as the lights turn red. A new study shows that these behaviors are getting worse and taking a toll in violent motor vehicle crashes.

A helmet may save a cyclist from irreversible brain damage

If you are a recreational bike rider, you probably give little thought to the possibility of an accident, and you may not wear a helmet.

On the other hand, if you are an avid cyclist, you are very much aware that horrendous accidents can happen. You know about injuries such as brain damage, and you never ride without your helmet.

Asleep at the wheel: Tragedy on an Illinois interstate

Because we have interstate highway traffic roaring by Edwardsville every minute of every day, we understand the dangers of high-speed driving. Precisely because of those speeds, motor vehicle crashes on interstates are often violent collisions that result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Common causes of interstate wrecks include distracted driving, excess speed, impairment and drowsy driving. We read recently of an interstate highway crash in which an Illinois woman fell asleep at the wheel in the early afternoon, triggering a series of collisions – one of which ended in the death of a 79-year-old driver.

Speed, distractions up as causes of fatal Illinois road crashes

According to a new study by an auto insurance company, Illinois crash fatalities rose 11 percent from 2013 to 2017 (the most recent year for which complete data is available). The state had 911 killed on our streets and highways in 2013 and 1,096 fatalities in 2017.

The research by Esurance looked at the four major causes of crashes in Illinois: excess speed, drunk driving, drugged driving and distracted driving.

Similarities in pair of Illinois 18-wheeler crashes on interstates

According to news reports over the past several days, there have been a pair of truck crashes on Illinois interstate highways that are remarkably similar. In the tractor-trailer crash near Edwardsville a couple of days ago, traffic on Interstate 55 had slowed due to road construction.

A 31-year-old trucker failed to slow his 2019 Freightliner, slamming into the rear of a Nissan Altima. Photos from the crash appear to indicate that the 18-wheeler struck mainly the rear driver’s-side corner of the car.

Common steelworker injuries

As a steelworker, your job is dangerous and puts you at serious risk for work injuries. Whether you work at construction sites or a metal fabrication plant, you encounter hazardous conditions on a daily basis. Fabricating, erecting, assembling and installing steel materials requires grit and exposure to hazards.

If you sustain an injury, you may deal with expensive medical bills and lost wages. Here are a few common steelworker injuries. 

Report: Missouri trucker indifferent to deaths, injuries in crash

The 29-year-old mother was driving home from church with her 18-month-old twin girls, Ruby and June, tucked into their safety seats in the car’s back seat. After the vehicle was engulfed in flames in a violent tractor-trailer crash on an interstate highway, none of them will get any older.

According to law enforcement officials, the 59-year-old Missouri truck driver who they believe was responsible for the fiery deaths has been arrested on charges including reckless homicide and criminal recklessness causing injury.

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