Illinois pedestrian dies in surgery after car accident injuries

Losing a loved one in an accident is typically a traumatic experience for those who are left behind. If the deceased was the breadwinner, the family might have to deal with financial hardship as well as mourning the loss. An Illinois family may be experiencing such trauma after a car accident that involved a 56-year-old female who was walking on the side of the road and a vehicle driven by a woman who is 65 years old.

Pedestrians are not likely to wear any protective gear when they are out walking. When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, that person is extremely vulnerable. Even when the car is travelling at a low speed, the impact of a car striking a pedestrian, combined with the body of the victim striking the road or pavement, could cause life-threatening injuries.

Such injuries were suffered by the female pedestrian who was reportedly walking in a northern direction in the early hours of a recent Thursday morning. A vehicle travelling in the same direction, allegedly smashed into the pedestrian, causing traumatic injuries. As reported by a city spokesman, the victim was rushed to a medical center, where she received emergency surgery. She sadly succumbed to her injuries while in surgery. The spokesman also revealed that during the initial investigation, no evidence to indicate drug or alcohol use seemed to be present at the accident scene.

Illinois residents who have lost a loved one in a car accident due to another’s negligence may want to acquire the necessary information regarding wrongful death claims under state laws. If such a claim is successfully litigated in a civil court, the family of the deceased may be awarded full and fair compensation to cover medical and end-of-life costs. No money could ever change what happened, but it may assist the family through the difficult times brought about by the tragedy.

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