Drunk driving death rates in Illinois and Missouri

There are certain driver behaviors that can make things much more dangerous out on the roads. One of these is drunk driving, given how severely alcohol can impair driving ability. Driving while intoxicated can lead to truly devastating accidents. Sadly, drunk driving accidents sometimes leave fatalities in their wake.

How common drunk driving deaths are varies quite a bit from state to state. A recent SafeWise study looked at and compared the impaired driving death rates of the states and the District of Columbia for 2017. The rates were based off of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Illinois and Missouri differed considerably in how they fared in this report.

How did Illinois do?

Illinois was among the states with the lowest fatality rates. The state was found to have 2.73 deaths from impaired-driving-related crashes for every 100,000 residents in 2017. This was the 10th lowest rate in the country.

How did Missouri do?

Missouri meanwhile was in the top 15 for states with the highest death rates. According to the report, the state saw 4.15 fatalities related to impaired driving per 100,000 residents in 2017. This gave Missouri the nation’s 12th highest rate.

What do you think are the biggest contributors to Illinois low rate? How about Missouri’s high rate? What do you think most helps with discouraging drivers from engaging in drunk driving? What would you like to see done in the battle against drunk driving and other unsafe driving in Illinois and Missouri in upcoming months and years?