Young Illinois man pleads guilty to a drunk driving accident

When a person loses his or her life in a drunk driving accident, the number of people who feel grief and devastation can be extensive. The family of the victim may choose to seek legal action against the responsible party for compensation and justice. Recently, a young Illinois man pleaded guilty to a drunk driving accident for aggravated DUI that took the life of a passenger in his car.

The drunk driving accident occurred just before dawn when the young Illinois man ignored a warning traffic light and chose to continue through a stop sign without stopping. His teenage passenger was thrown from the car, where reports say she died instantly. The young man who was driving was hurt very little in comparison.

When authorities arrived, they found synthetic marijuana and paraphernalia as well as a suspicious amount of money. The toxicology report for the deceased passenger was clear, though the driver’s blood contained alcohol and THC, the major chemical present in marijuana. It wasn’t required for the prosecutors to prove that marijuana was the proximate cause of the accident in this case. The simple fact that the man had been driving with marijuana in his blood system was enough for him to be held criminally responsible.

A young Illinois man pleaded guilty to a drunk driving accident that resulted in the painful and wrongful death of another person. The surviving family of the girl who lost her life in the crash may feel a strong desire for additional justice against the driver considering his apparent drug and alcohol abuse prior to the accident. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court of law could allow them to obtain financial restitution to help cover any final expenses incurred due to the man’s negligence.

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