Woman dies in rear-end car accident that injures 2 others

Many lives are lost on Illinois roads in crashes that are caused by drivers who fail to slow down when approaching slow-moving or stopped traffic. Yorkville police reported such a car accident that recently occurred on a local roadway. One person was killed in the wreck.

An accident report indicates that a 56-year-old driver from Plano was traveling north on Route 47 when traffic ahead came to a halt. While she was stopped behind the other cars, her vehicle was rear-ended by another car. This vehicle was operated by a 20-year-old driver from South Elgin.

The impact caused both the cars to leave the roadway. Two passengers were in the car that was struck, one of them was a 23-year-old woman who suffered critical injuries. She was rushed to a hospital, but she passed away later. The driver and the other passenger were also transported to a medical facility for treatment of injuries of unknown severity. The man who allegedly smashed into the back of the other car refused medical treatment, and he received a citation for a traffic violation.

The two women who were injured in this car accident along with the family of the passenger who lost her life retain the right to pursue claims for recovery of damages. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits can be filed in an Illinois civil court. Along with medical and/or end-of-life expenses, emotional damages may also form part of the documented claims that will be adjudicated after negligence has been established. In cases that are successfully presented, monetary judgments may be entered.

Source: Yorkville, IL Patch, “23-Year-Old Plano Woman Dies in Yorkville Crash“, Scott Viau, Oct. 12, 2016