Will the autonomous car put an end to the car accidents?

Americans are said to drive more than people in other countries. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in a two-year period, the average American will spend a total of 18 full days behind the wheel of a car. With so many people using this form of transportation daily, car accidents are a big problem nationwide, with roughly 100 people dying per day in such events. Lawmakers in Illinois and elsewhere are hoping that the autonomous car will put an end to both fatal and non-fatal collisions.

According to a recently published article, human error is believed responsible for 94-96% of auto accidents. Human error means a lot of different things, such as driving while distracted or impaired, driving recklessly or simply making mistakes — among other things. Car builders and lawmakers are hoping that, by taking the driver out of the equation, car accidents will become a thing of the past.

Yes, automobile safety measures have come a long way in just the last few years. More autonomous vehicles are being tested every day. There could be a lot of good that comes from making such vehicles the standard, but the technology has not been perfected yet, and several accidents involving such vehicles have been reported.

So, will this tech rid the world of auto accidents? Not likely, at least not anytime soon, but there may be a decrease in the number of collisions seen. In the meantime, if Illinois residents are involved in car accidents, whether with self-driving or human-controlled vehicles, victims of these events may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. Legal counsel can help victims as they pursue maximum relief.