Why truck accidents occur

It’s common to hear about truck accidents occurring on expressways through Illinois. At the very least, such crashes cause traffic delays. However, the real issue is the truck size. Big-rigs are generally many times larger than other vehicles on the roads, and a truck accident will often involve multiple vehicles. Fatal truck accidents often result in the deaths of occupants in much smaller vehicles.

One car insurer recently published an article discussing the most common reasons that commercial truck accidents occur. The five reasons they list for such accidents include:

  1. Incorrect maneuvering of the truck. Trucks are already difficult to operate because of their size. It is difficult for trucks to take turns or navigate curves. Driving at too high of speed only makes such maneuvering more difficult. The lanes on roadways may also be too narrow for trucks to operate safely. And the design of certain intersections may not allow for safe operation of trucks.
  2. Driver fatigue. Drivers spend long hours on the road. Sometimes, they drive longer hours to deliver a shipment more quickly. In other instances, employers require drivers to take on longer shifts. Such fatigue only leads to an increased number of errors.
  3. Distracted driving. Just like other riders on the road, truck drivers are often distracted. But when drivers fail to keep a close outlook on their surroundings, the chances of not observing other drivers on the road increases.
  4. The failure to maintain the truck. Employers need to make certain the trucks drivers operate are fit to be on the road. One study found that malfunctioning trucks are responsible for approximately 10 percent of truck accidents.
  5. Bad judgment on the part of the driver. Bad choices lead to an increased chance of an accident. As there are numerous blind spots on a truck, this means drivers need to take even more precautions. Drivers require training and education to be on the road. They also need to have good decision-making skills.

Truck accident cases can be quite complex. Unlike other sorts of accidents, it is often difficult to immediately determine why a truck accident occurred. In some cases, it’s the driver’s fault. In other instances, it may be the fault of the trucking company or the manufacturer of the truck.

However, personal injury attorneys who understand these matters can investigate such matters and provide injured individuals with legal options.