What steps should you take in the wake of a workplace accident?

A scenario featuring a work-related accident or injury is scary for any Illinois or Missouri employee.

And understandably so, with an unexpected health-linked downside raising dire and immediate concerns. How serious is the problem? Will it require time away from work? Will the ability to receive a paycheck and provide for family needs be compromised?

Employees routinely focused on producing quality work at their job sites are just as routinely stymied about how to proceed in the wake of a workplace injury or accident. A lot of questions can logically arise, spawning uncertainty regarding next-step actions to take.

A proven and empathetic pro-workers’ legal team can help with that.

We note on our website at the Johnston Law Offices in Edwardsville that our firm is “devoted to helping people, not business.” In the context of employment-tied personal injury, that means our experienced attorneys act quickly and purposefully to promote diverse and valued clients’ interests in workers’ compensation matters.

There are a number of steps to follow to invoke and negotiate that process. Proven advocates assist workers spanning every industry – from construction and health care to retail, transportation and more – who seek to collect on benefits to which they are lawfully entitled.

It merits noting in any workplace injury matter that an affected worker able to secure workers’ compensation might also be entitled to pursue negligent third parties in a personal injury lawsuit. Non-employer entities that are potentially liable for damages include parties such as contractors, vendors and suppliers.

Attorneys with a demonstrated record of strong advocacy promoting employees’ rights in workers’ comp matters can provide additional information.