What common mistakes do people make after a car accident?

Illinois drivers may find themselves involved in an unavoidable collision. While the crash might be unavoidable, drivers may make errors after the accident that should not have occurred. Such mistakes could complicate any potential lawsuit.

Refusing medical care, a common mistake

Refusing medical care stands as a top potential mistake. Self-diagnosis might not be the best way to assess a minor injury, much less possible internal ones after a car accident, yet many people find themselves involved in crashes and refuse medical attention.

Someone might feel fine after a car accident, only to possibly discover the severe extent days or even weeks later. Soreness and pain may indicate fractured bones or worse. A visit to the hospital allows doctors to perform tests, take X-rays, and provide other care. X-rays may do more than reveal broken bones. The images could find their way into civil proceedings as evidence. Refusing medical care reflects one error drivers often make. There are others.

Rushing to end the crash

Dealing with the aftermath of a crash can be stressful, and many people might wish to go home and get away from the crash scene without unnecessary delays. Not getting vital insurance or identifying information, failing to call the police, getting witness statements, and collecting contact information could undermine a potential civil suit.

Rushing home may alleviate some worries, but doing so could open the door to other problems. Becoming too caught up trying to “move on” might prove shortsighted.

Injured persons may complicate litigation for car accidents by making avoidable mistakes. Perhaps assessing the situation and taking time to deal with the aftermath appropriately, and then discussing the situation with an attorney might be more beneficial.