What Are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims?

What do you think of when hearing the words “personal injury claim?” A car accident or a workplace injury? Surprisingly, there are many different types of personal injury claims; here are the ten most common:

1. Car Accident

This is the most common type of personal injury claim in America. Sadly, millions of Americans sustain injuries from car accidents each year.

2. Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents sound silly, but they can be life-altering. They can cause detrimental injuries to the neck, back, arms, legs, shoulders, and sometimes even the head.

3. Medical Malpractice

This type of personal injury case is more common than you may believe. It happens due to the negligence of nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals.

4. Assault

Assault is not becoming any less prevalent in today’s society. However, unlike most other types of personal injury, these are not usually a result of someone’s negligence.

5. Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are prevalent. No workplace can be 100% safe, but it is up to the employer to ensure the utmost safety in the work environment. Workplace accidents can arise when someone is forced to work in unsafe conditions, with malfunctioning equipment, or with insufficient training.

6. Premises Liability

Premises liability claims occur when someone becomes injured on a negligent person’s property.

7. Product Liability

Although malfunctions can happen, most products have strict rules and regulations to avoid injuring a buyer. This scenario is when a product liability claim may come into effect.

8. Defamation

Personal injury cases do not always involve a physical aspect. They can occur due to a defamation claim such as personal humiliation, lost earnings, or lost earning capacity.

9. Construction Injuries

Construction jobs are among the most dangerous jobs out there. People who work these jobs are also exposed to hazardous materials, equipment, and substances daily. In addition, a construction job’s physical demands can cause many injuries.

10. Dog Bites

Even the sweetest dog has the potential to bite. Yes, dogs are a man’s best friend, but you must never forget that they are animals and can be unpredictable.