Was your workers’ compensation claim denied? Appeal

If injured on the job, Illinois residents expect to be taken care of. Most employers are required to offer workers’ compensation coverage, which is a good thing. The bad thing is many people struggle to gain access to this benefit, and those who do often find the coverage granted them is insufficient for their needs. When workers’ comp coverage is denied or fails to cover one’s losses, it may be possible to appeal.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be there to protect employees. It can save them from financial ruin and offer them support during an already challenging time. Unfortunately, many people have lost faith in the system and believe that this benefit is not much of a benefit at all.

Here’s the deal: workers’ compensation insurance providers are businesses. They are looking out for their bottom line more than the injured individuals they are supposed to be protecting. This means some claims may be denied or only partially paid out. Workers’ comp providers or employers may state several reasons for this, including:

  • The injury was not work-related
  • The claim was not filed on time
  • Employer disagrees with the claim
  • No treatment needed

If denied, the individual who filed the claim only has 30 days to appeal his or her provider’s decision. In other words, time is of the essence here. After submitting the appropriate paperwork for the appeal, one may have to attend a hearing and provide evidence and answers as to why coverage should be granted.

Going through the workers’ compensation appeals process alone can be intimidating. Thankfully, this is not something that Illinois residents have to do on their own. Those who believe they are due coverage, but it was denied them, can turn to legal counsel for assistance, seeking maximum relief for their losses.