Unsafe U-turn leads to fatal Illinois car accident

When an Illinois driver recently decided to make a U-turn without keeping a proper lookout for approaching traffic, he caused the death of his passenger. This tragic car accident reportedly occurred in Chicago on a recent Wednesday afternoon. An investigation into this crash is underway.

Chicago police reported that emergency teams were summoned to the scene of the accident at approximately 3 p.m. A preliminary crash report indicates that a 22-year-old man was the driver of the car in which there was also a 17-year-old passenger. He allegedly made a U-turn that put him directly in the path of an oncoming SUV.

With no time to take evasive action, the SUV smashed into the passenger side of the car, causing critical injuries to the passenger. She was rushed to a medical facility where she succumbed to her injuries later that day. The driver of that car is reported to be hospitalized in a serious condition. The 45-year-old SUV driver was also taken to a hospital where his condition was reported to be stable on the evening following the crash.

Whenever a driver’s negligence contributes to — or causes — death or injuries in a car accident, he or she can be held accountable by the victims and/or surviving family members. In this case, the deceased woman’s family and the injured SUV driver may pursue financial relief through the Illinois civil justice system. Wrongful death and personal injury claims may be filed in a civil court. If the claims are successfully presented, the court will adjudicate all documented monetary claims before entering judgments to cover damages sustained.

Source: fox32chicago.com, “17-year-old girl killed, 2 injured in Cragin crash”, Sept. 14, 2016