Truck driver has car accident with 2 Illinois police officers

While states have differing laws when it comes to highway laws, some rules remain the same for most if not all states. It is typical when one sees and emergency vehicle or police car with their lights on in the emergency lane to change lanes to avoid driving in the lane closest to these vehicles. This is for the safety of those people on the shoulder. Unfortunately, a semi-truck driver did not obey this rule, causing a car accident resulting in injury to two Illinois police officers.

One of the officers was outside of his patrol car picking up debris. The other officer was parked behind him with his car’s lights on. The truck driver failed to change lanes, collided with the patrol car with the officer inside and hit the officer picking up debris as he tried to get out of the way.

The truck ran over the officer’s foot, causing several broken bones. Both officers were taken to area hospitals, treated for their injuries and released. The driver of the truck was not injured even though his truck caught on fire after the crash. He faces charges of not reducing his speed in order to avoid an accident as well as not yielding to an emergency vehicle in the emergency lane.

Investigations into the crash are currently underway. Both Illinois police officers are unable to return to work until they have recovered from their injuries. A personal injury claim against the truck driver can benefit the officers by helping to regain lost wages as well as helping to pay medical bills, if the truck driver is found to be at fault for the car accident.

Source:, “Semi truck driver cited after I-57 crash that injured 2 officers,” Christy Hendricks, June 19, 2013