Truck bursts through store window after car accident in Illinois

When an Illinois woman recently went to a convenience store to buy lottery tickets, she had no idea what was awaiting her. While she was in the store, a car accident occurred outside. She rushed to the windows to see what was happening, which is when this story took a dramatic twist.

The accident reportedly involved a pickup truck and a sedan. The impact of the accident sent the pickup truck careening toward the convenience store. It crashed through the window and pinned the woman against the wall. Emergency workers responded to the 911 call of the store’s manager. The woman was put on a backboard by emergency workers before being transported to a nearby hospital.

Her condition was later reported to be fair. Two children and two adults were also injured in the accident that occurred outside. The pickup truck driver was not injured. The pickup truck driver was issued with traffic violations for driving without a valid license and being uninsured.

While the nature of this woman’s injuries was not immediately reported, it is likely that she could be facing at least some unexpected medical expenses due to this incident. Considering the fact that the pickup driver was cited by the police, the injured woman may be able to use that evidence to her advantage if she decides to file a personal injury claim in an Illinois civil court. If the claim is successfully presented, the court may award monetary damages to assist the injured woman, who could now be facing high medical costs as she attempts to recover from this car accident.

Source:, “Woman Buying Lottery Tickets Injured After Pickup Slams Into Store“, John Dodge, April 18, 2014