Truck accidents: Big rig driver dies in multi-vehicle crash

Motorists in Illinois have reason to feel threatened by tractor-trailers, semis and 18-wheelers that share the roads with them. The shear size of a big rig is enough to make passenger vehicle operators feel vulnerable when they drive alongside the large trucks. Victims of car vs. truck accidents are seldom unscathed.

The driver and a passenger of a pickup truck were recently the victims of serious injuries when their vehicle was struck by a big rig. According to a preliminary crash report, Illinois State Police says the driver of a southbound semitrailer disregarded a red light in Kendall County. The large truck smashed into a pickup truck that was traveling east through the intersection.

The big rig driver died in the crash, and the pickup truck occupants were fortunate to survive. However, their injuries were reported to be serious. The accident report also mentioned that the semi struck a northbound sedan that was stationery at the opposite side’s red light, but no mention is made of injuries to that car’s occupants.

Injured victims of car or truck accidents typically have the right to pursue claims for financial relief through the Illinois civil justice system. In a case such as this one in which the alleged negligent truck operator died, an experienced personal injury attorney can help the injured victims to recover damages. A personal injury lawsuit can name the deceased trucker’s estate as a defendant, and possibly also the trucker’s employer and/or owner of the semitrailer. If the attorney presents the suit successfully, the court will award a monetary judgment to cover documented claims for damages.