Tow truck driver’s injury in car accident brings call for caution

Winter in Illinois typically brings ice and snow on the roads. Many drivers recognize that a driver’s seemingly insignificant error in such conditions could result in a devastating car accident. Most allow themselves more time to get to their destinations rather than having to rush there. Motorists typically increase the distance from other vehicles when traveling in adverse weather conditions.

However, others drive no differently than they would in the summer, causing the tow truck drivers to be extremely busy at this time of the year. An employee of a tow truck company in Marion was recently knocked down by a car while he was attending to an accident. This incident motivated tow truck drivers to call on motorists to take extra care while out on icy roads, as severe injuries and even fatalities can be brought about by negligent drivers.

The state of Illinois has Scott’s Law to ensure the safety of emergency workers and bystanders at an accident. The law requires drivers to exercise particular care when they approach emergency vehicles on Illinois roads. To alert drivers of the presence of a dangerous condition, emergency personnel typically activate the flashing warning lights on their vehicles. The lights may be yellow, blue, red or white and are an indication that drivers should slow down and move over as far as possible.

Unfortunately, many Illinois motorists fall victim to the negligence of other drivers during the winter time, and consequential injuries may be life changing. They may choose to pursue compensation for the damages sustained from a car accident. Victims retain the right to file a personal injury claim in a civil court, and if such a claim is successfully presented, they may receive compensation for medical expenses. In addition, the court may award monetary compensation for other damages as allowed by applicable laws.

Source:, “Tow truck drivers ask cars to slow down during winter season“, Rae Daniel, Nov. 18, 2014