Too many hit-and-run auto accidents

Everyone knows that after a car accident, those involved are supposed to stop and stay on the scene until help arrives, insurance information is exchanged and statements — if necessary — are given to police. Unfortunately, not everyone does. So many hit-and-run auto accidents occur in Illinois and across the country every year, some of them resulting in fatalities.

According to the AAA Foundation, hundreds of thousands of hit-and-run crashes occur every year. Such collisions make up roughly 12% of all auto accidents. It is believed that such events happen approximately every 43 seconds. This results in well over 1,000 deaths every year.

Pedestrians are most often the victims of hit-and-run collisions. Some experts have suggested that around 70% of the victims are men. Such accidents tend to occur in poorly lit areas, as well as areas that are not heavily trafficked.

Why do drivers flee? Sometimes there are criminal concerns involved — the driver might have been drunk or been on drugs. Sometimes, people think they won’t get caught. Sometimes people flee out of fear. No matter why a person leaves the scene of an accident, doing so does have criminal consequences — severe consequences if more than property damages result from the event.

Hit-and-run auto accidents often leave victims or their families feeling lost and hopeless. Thankfully, the drivers responsible are usually found and held accountable for their actions. Relief may be sought by negotiating settlement terms with the responsible party’s insurance provider or by taking the matter to an Illinois civil court. If the driver is never found, victims, or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members, may be able to seek relief for their losses by filing claims with their own insurance providers. No matter which way one’s case goes, legal counsel can help one do everything necessary to seek maximum compensation.