Tips on avoiding a common car accident scenario

No one in Illinois ever suspects he or she will be involved in an auto accident when leaving his or her house. Car crashes are rare events in the life of any victim and often a watershed moment for those who are seriously injured. Accidents can happen at any time for a variety of reasons, and they can happen anywhere as well. In a blink of an eye, the lives of those involved can change dramatically, and they do not necessarily happen far from home. In fact, studies have shown they often happen right around the corner.

The importance of being prepared to drive

A study conducted by Dolphin Technologies has revealed that 25% of all motor vehicle accidents actually happen within three minutes of being on the road. This does not necessarily mean they happen close to home. It just means that many drivers crash directly after getting behind the wheel, often because they are preoccupied mentally with some other issue. This alone is reason enough to suggest that all drivers should be more alert from the moment they get in their vehicles.

A possible solution

One easy step some drivers can take in reducing this number is to limit driving for short spells, such as driving two or three blocks to the store when it is feasible to actually walk instead. Another practice that could help is also taking public transportation whenever possible instead of driving everywhere. This is not an option for all motorists, but it can be an effective way to avoid a potential accident in knowingly congested traffic.

These are just a couple of suggestions that Illinois motor vehicle accident lawyers encourage for all drivers who can avoid using their vehicles on short trips. And for those who must drive, always remember that an accident can happen anywhere, including close to home.