Three men die in Illinois car accident

Simple decisions can lead to devastating consequences in a matter of moments. A man from Illinois drove the wrong way on a busy interstate late one recent night. The decision led to a car accident ending the lives of three men.

It was late on a Friday night when a man, for unknown reasons, made the fatal decision to drive the wrong way on the expressway. He collided with another vehicle that contained another driver and one passenger. The other driver was working for a ride-share company and was transporting the passenger from the airport to his residence. They were both killed on the scene of the accident along with the driver of the other vehicle. The accident was so extensive that it shut down traffic in the westbound lanes of the interstate for six hours.

The driver that caused the accident has a history of traffic violations, and it has been nine years since his last offense. In 2007 he was charged with DUI and speeding, but he was found not guilty of those charges. The toxicology report on the current auto accident is pending.

The other driver is survived by his wife and two children, while the passenger is survived by his wife and a 12-year-old boy. In circumstances where a wrong-way driver causes a fatal accident in Illinois, the surviving family of a deceased victim is entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. Since the driver believed to have been at fault also perished in the car accident, the claim would be filed against his estate as well as against any other party with an ownership interest in the vehicle he was operating at the time of the crash. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide guidance and ongoing support in pursuing claims for reimbursement of financial losses sustained.  

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Marine drove wrong way in I-88 crash that killed him, 2 others, police say“, Suzanne Baker, Elvia Malagon and Hannah Leone, Dec. 3, 2016