This weekend, watch out for drunk drivers

The long weekend ahead signals the unofficial end of summer. After Labor Day, kids are back in school, the weather turns colder and people start thinking about the holidays instead of summer vacation.

The long weekend also means that people will be out later and celebrating more than they do on non-holiday weekends, and that can result in a higher number of drunk drivers.

Police efforts to curb drunk driving

During these holiday weekends, police across the state often ramp up efforts and resources to crack down on drunk drivers. And this weekend is no different. According to recent news reports, police in Edwardsville and all across the state plan to carry out these crackdown efforts through the Labor Day weekend.

Periods of increased enforcement work to reduce drunk driving accidents by stopping suspected drunk drivers before they cause a crash. Police are especially focused on stopping drivers who are swerving, speeding or otherwise disobeying traffic laws; special patrols will also be on duty overnight and checkpoints will be deployed in some areas.

How you can avoid and prevent drunk driving accidents

If you are going to drink this weekend, plan a sober ride home. Call a cab or get a ride with friend. You could also stay at a friend’s house and drive home in the morning when you are no longer at risk of driving while intoxicated.

Even if you aren’t going to drink, you can stay safe by avoiding driving after 9 p.m. if you can. Wear your seat belt, give other drivers plenty of room and do not drive if you are distracted or drowsy, as this could make it difficult to spot and steer clear of a potentially dangerous driver.

If you do get into an accident with a drunk driver, it is crucial that you seek medical attention. Once your injuries are treated, you can talk to an attorney about your options for filing a personal injury claim against the drunk driver to pursue the compensation you deserve.