The aftermath of a car accident

About a month ago, we wrote a blog post about three mistakes that people often make in the aftermath of a car accident. Today, we want to expand on this topic and discuss the immediate moments after your bumper meet’s the bumper of another vehicle. How do you react? What should you do? And how do you protect yourself in the moments that follow the collision?

In the immediate moments after a car crash, if you are well enough, you should take a deep breath and calm down as best you can. Being irate and angry after getting into a car accident will only add tension to an upsetting situation. Once you’re calm and ready to deal with the accident, you should check on the other people involved.

If they are in need of medical assistance, call 911 and provide whatever you can to help them. If they are okay, then you should talk to them and exchange information with them.

Once this simple task is complete, you can perform your own version of an “investigation” by taking photos of the car accident scene and talking to any witnesses of the crash. If those witnesses are willing to discuss it with you, see if you can get their account on the record.

Ultimately you will have to deal with your insurer, and depending on the injuries you suffered and the circumstances involved, you may seek a personal injury lawsuit against any at-fault drivers in the crash.

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