Teacher sues city of Chicago after paralyzing bicycle accident

A high school teacher filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago, A&L, INC, and the Chicago Park District. This follows a devastating bicycle accident that caused life-changing injuries to the woman. She claims that her life will never be the same after the day she went for a bike ride along a cycling trail at a lake in Illinois.

The woman alleges that was riding along a cycling trail that had a zig-zag design when it came to an abrupt end. She claims that there was no warning of the dangerous end that was at the edge of an embankment. The woman asserts that she fell nine feet over the edge and landed on a concrete slab below. She accuses the defendants of negligence in the design of the trail and in their failure to post warnings.

She claims to have suffered multiple catastrophic injuries, including three fractured vertebrae, along with fractures to both her shoulder blades. This caused her spine to be punctured at the level of her chest, resulting in paralysis from that level down. She asserts that the joy of cycling has been taken away from her forever. The woman says that the trail still has no signs to warn cyclists of any dangers, nor are there lights, railing or other manners of protecting the safety of bicycle riders.

Any bicycle rider who has suffered injuries in a bicycle accident that was caused by another party’s negligence may pursue a claim for recovery of damages incurred, regardless of whether the injuries were caused by a motorist or other factors. Proper documentation of alleged negligence will have to be properly established in a personal injury claim in an Illinois civil court. If the claim is successfully presented, the court may award a monetary judgment to compensate the plaintiff for medical expenses and losses such as pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment and other documented damages pursuant to applicable laws.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Woman Sues City After Paralyzing Cycling Accident Along Lakefront“, Dec. 30, 2014