Study: Injury and death risks high in the towing industry

A recent study underscores the high level of danger that tow truck workers can face on the job.

The study was by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. In it, researchers reviewed Bureau of Labor Statistics data regarding workplace injuries and deaths in the towing industry. This data covered 2011 to 2016.

A high injury rate

According to the study, during this time period, the average annual nonfatal injury rate for tow truck workers was 204.2 incidents per 10,000 full-time employees. This is over double the overall rate for workers from all industries.

An especially high death rate

The research found that the average annual workplace fatality rate in the towing industry over this period was 42.9 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers. This is around 15 times the rate for all other private industries.

What are the top causes of serious work accidents in the towing industry?

The study found that motor vehicle accidents were the No. 1 cause of deaths in the towing industry. This underscores how critical it is for motorists to take care to drive responsibly when going by tow trucks that are on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, contact with equipment/objects and overexertion/bodily reaction were behind the most nonfatal injuries for tow truck workers. What would you like to see towing companies do to reduce these types of safety risks?

What do you think it will take to lead to big drops in injuries and deaths in the towing industry?

When tow truck workers suffer serious accidents on the job, they may have many concerns about their future, family and financial well-being. Getting fair workers’ compensation can be key to getting peace of mind and moving forward following a significant work injury. Workers’ comp attorneys can help injured workers pursue the benefits they deserve