Stretch of Illinois highway dedicated to young car crash victims

A split-second decision can result in a car accident that can change someone’s life forever. Choosing to speed, drink and drive, or even take one’s eyes off the road for just a moment, can all lead to terrible car accidents that can cause serious injuries or death. A new memorial sign that was erected on a stretch of Interstate 64 in St. Clair County, Illinois, will hopefully remind drivers to make responsible decisions behind the wheel.

The stretch of highway has now been marked as a memorial highway in memory of two girls who were killed in a car accident several years ago. Many Edwardsville residents likely remember that back in 2007 the sisters, 18 and 13, were killed in a car accident when an Illinois State Highway Patrol vehicle crossed the median and struck their car.

The trooper was reportedly driving at 126 mph at the time, and using his cellphone and an on-board computer. He was criminally charged after the fatal accident and sentenced to probation after being convicted of reckless homicide.

Area lawmakers and law enforcement officials attended a memorial dedication earlier this month and said that they hope the memorial sign helps prevent future car accidents by reminding people of the costs of dangerous driving practices.

After fatal car accidents, families are not only left with emotional devastation and shock, but also the unexpected financial costs involved with funeral costs and other financial expenses. These families can file wrongful death lawsuits against negligent parties in order to obtain compensation for medical expenses incurred before death, funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

While this is an important legal option to mitigate some of the related burdens, this will not heal a family’s wounds. In the case of these sisters, according to CBS St. Louis, their mother has reportedly quit her job and decided to focus on advocacy to prevent distracted driving. Hopefully, by helping to prevent car accidents, this family and others can find peace.

Source: KMOX,”Signs Dedicate Section Of I-64 To Uhl Sisters, Five Years After Their Deaths,” Brett Blume, Oct. 15, 2012

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