Snow plow prevents Illinois drunk driving accident.

During the winter months, Illinois drivers are subjected to naturally occurring road hazards. Environmental hazards can make it difficult for even the best drivers to navigate the roadways with ease. However, many drivers do not always engage in practices that will allow them to reach their destinations without possibly being involved in an accident. Irresponsible driving behavior was the reason an Illinois Department of Transportation snow plow intervened in an early incident and prevented a drunk driving accident..

Reports state that a driver was first seen driving in the wrong direction in a downtown area of Chicago. An IDOT supervisor states that the driver was able to avoid an accident despite the several miles he drove going outbound in reversible lanes which were set for inbound traffic. A snow plow driver was also in a reversible lane when the radio call went out alerting others of the situation.

The plow driver slowed traffic before angling the plow in front of the wrong way driver. When the driver was stopped, only front-end damage was found on the vehicle. No injuries were reported, but the driver was charged with DUI. Thankfully, the plow driver was able to keep other Illinois motorists from being involved in a drunk driving accident.

Not all drivers take their responsibility to other motorists on the roads as seriously as they should. With the roads already being plowed for snow, the wrong-way driver made what is already a potentially dangerous scenario more dangerous due to his decision to drive under the influence. Had the driver’s actions led to a drunk driving accident, the victim could have had grounds for a personal injury claim.

Source: CBS Chicago, Snow Plow Stops Wrong-Way Driver On Kennedy, Suzanne Le Mignot, January 24, 2014