Serious injuries result from Illinois car accident

Traffic laws are in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. It is often assumed that licensed drivers operate their vehicles in accordance with these laws. In some cases, however, police reports tell a different story. A recent car accident in Illinois remains under investigation, but initial reports indicate it may have been caused by one driver’s negligence.

The accident occurred when a sports utility vehicle driving westbound on Illinois Route 95 approached the intersection with Illinois Route 41 in McDonough County. After reaching the stop sign, the vehicle proceeded into the path of an oncoming truck and was struck on the driver’s side. The truck continued on before ending up in a ditch about 350 feet from the accident site. Two adults and one child were flown by helicopter to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Residents at the scene expressed concern about the dangerous intersection. The close location of their property to the accident site has raised some questions about their safety in the future. According to reports, the crash was the result of the driver’s failure to yield at a stop sign. Charges are pending in the case.

In addition to criminal charges, the driver responsible may also be facing a personal injury lawsuit. Illinois law allows for victims injured in a car accident to seek financial reimbursement for their losses. Unexpected expenses resulting from an accident can place a heavy financial burden on victims and their families. A successful personal injury claim can often be an important step in an accident victim’s recovery process.

Source:, Two adults, a 7-year-old seriously injured in Mound Township crash, Jackie Smith, Dec. 13, 2013