Running a red light may cause injuries or death in a car accident

Red lights at intersections are installed in an effort to reduce the number of accidents that occur in them, and they are typically installed at locations known for carrying high volumes of traffic. Severe injuries and even death are often the tragic result of a car accident after a driver ran a red light. These types of accidents could also include pedestrians and cyclists. 

Illinois authorities say that the state’s red light program can only be effective if all drivers obey. The Federal Highway Administration reported that the national annual average for accidents caused by drivers who disregard red lights is about 100,000 annually, resulting in approximately 1,000 fatalities. Accidents resulting from a driver who ran a red light at an intersection are typically T-bone accidents. This happens when the front of one vehicle smashes into the side of another one.

A driver approaching a green light may not reduce speed, not expecting another vehicle to be crossing the intersection at the same time. The speed, along with the fact that the side of a vehicle is less able to withstand the impact of a collision, often result in severe injuries or worse. Red light running is regarded as a serious violation and often has devastating consequences.

Illinois residents who have suffered car accident injuries that were caused by another party’s negligence, such as red light running, may elect to pursue a claim for recovery of damages sustained. Successful presentation of a personal injury claim, supported by proper evidence of negligence, may lead to a court awarding a monetary judgment. Those who have lost loved ones in such an accident may file a wrongful death claim. Any monetary relief awarded commonly covers medical and end-of-life expenses, along with additional losses that may have been brought about by the accident.

Source:, “Dangers of Running Red Lights”, Jan. 11, 2015