Rider dies, passenger critical after motorcycle accident

When passengers ride in automobiles or on motorcycles in Illinois, their lives are literally in the hands of the driver. Those traveling as passengers on motorcycles are more exposed as they may have only a helmet as protection. A passenger was recently rushed to a hospital after she suffered critical injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Deputies responded to an alert about an accident that occurred in Lake County on a recent Wednesday evening. Preliminary reports indicate that a 23-year-old motorcycle rider with one passenger was traveling north and allegedly proceeded to pass a northbound car in an area in which passing was prohibited. The car was reportedly in the process of turning left, and the motorcycle smashed into the side of the car.

The impact of the collision apparently caused the 20-year-old passenger to be ejected from the bike, causing critical injuries. The operator of the motorcycle reportedly died at the crash scene. The passenger was taken to a hospital, and her condition was reported to be serious by the following afternoon. Officers said the driver of the car was also hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

If negligence on the part of the motorcycle rider can be established by appropriate evidence, the injured woman may choose to pursue a claim for monetary damages incurred. Similarly, the injured car driver may also have a viable personal injury claim. Both of these claims would be pursued against the estate of the deceased motorcyclist as well as any other party with an ownership interest in the motorcycle. Successful presentation of such claims in an Illinois civil court may lead to monetary compensation for medical costs and other documented financial losses that resulted from the motorcycle accident.

Source: nwherald.com/, “McHenry woman injured in motorcycle crash that killed Ingleside man“, Katie Dahlstrom, June 18, 2015