Rider airlifted after motorcycle accident on Illinois Route 92

Motorcycle riders sometimes put their lives on the line on the busy Illinois roads. The protection of a helmet is typically not enough to protect a rider from internal trauma, and it provides no protection against spinal cord injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. Despite the regular calls for drivers of motor vehicles to keep a lookout for motorcycles, bike riders continue suffer severe — and sometimes fatal — injuries in accidents in which vehicle operators fail to yield.

A 43-year-old motorcyclist was fortunate to survive a collision with a car on a recent Tuesday. A preliminary accident report indicates that the collision occurred shortly before 2 a.m. on Route 92. Police say the motorcyclist was eastbound when a westbound driver turned left onto another road, directly into the motorcycle’s path.

The head-on collision that followed could not be avoided, and the motorcyclist suffered injuries that were severe enough to justify the services of an air ambulance to rush him to the hospital. At the time of the media report, his condition was reported to be stable. No mention was made of injuries suffered by the 21-year-old driver of the car.

Medical expenses following a motorcycle accident can be extremely high, depending on the severity of the injuries. Furthermore, such injuries may cause an extended absence from work that may lead to potential financial difficulties. Fortunately, Illinois laws allow victims of accidents that were caused by the negligence of other parties to pursue compensation for documented financial losses. If a personal injury claim is successfully presentation in a civil court, monetary compensation may be awarded.

Source: wqad.com, “Motorcycle and SUV collide head-on near Joslin“, Shellie Nelson, Jonathan Ketz, July 22, 2015