Reducing car accidents involving teen drivers

Teen drivers are often more prone to dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, and one of the specific things younger drivers may do is engage in distracted driving. When Illinois drivers are distracted while operating a motor vehicle, it significantly increases the chance of car accidents.

There are a few things parents can teach their teen drivers that will keep them safe and decrease the chance of a collision. One of the simplest tips is to set up automatic replies when he or she receives a text message while driving. Parents can also install an app on their child’s phone that allows them to track things like speed, acceleration, sudden braking and other things. It allows a parent to see how his or her kid is driving when the parent is not around.

Illinois parents may find it helpful to use online resources to educate their child about the dangers of distracted driving. Even one text message can result in catastrophic consequences, and parents can start by exhibiting good driving habits themselves. By putting down their own phones and modeling safe driving, they can set an example for their teen drivers.

With education, awareness and proper training, it may be possible to reduce the number of car accidents caused by distracted driving. No matter the age of the driver or the circumstances of the accident, victims of this behavior do not have to suffer the consequences alone. A person harmed by the negligent choices of another person may want to seek an assessment of his or her case to learn about the legal options available.