Practice caution when discussing a claim with insurance providers

One of the first ongoing issues after getting injured in an auto accident is dealing with the insurance companies of opposing drivers. Illinois uses pure comparative negligence law, which means that all injured drivers are reimbursed with the amount of total damages discounted by their own comparative negligence percentage. Insurance companies are always interested in increasing the percentage for claimants because it means money added to the company’s profit line. The process begins with the very first phone call.

Initial contact

Some auto accident claims will result in the insurance company contacting the claimant first after completing the official accident report. Illinois police investigate all accidents first for causation, and the insurance company also investigates for claim validity.

It is important to be cautious when discussing motor vehicle accidents with insurance adjusters because any hint of admitting more fault could result in a much lower settlement offer. Officials can use anything said as case evidence, and having an attorney from the beginning could eliminate this possibility.

Refuse quick low offers

One common response from respondent insurance companies is to investigate the claim and make a quick low-to-moderate offer to settle. This is always a sure sign that the claim is much more valuable than the injured party realizes. The settlements always come with a release for future medical coverage, and they rarely contain equitable compensation for general damages from ongoing problems with injuries.

Contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer

Individuals who handle their own injury claim after an accident rarely receive the compensation they deserve for the long-term effects of their injuries. An aggressive personal injury professional focused on obtaining damages for victims of motor vehicle accidents could increase the final payout significantly.