Police search for pickup driver after hit-and-run car accident

The father of an Illinois university student resorted to Facebook to urge an alleged hit-and-run driver to come forward. It is not uncommon for a victim of a hit-and-run car accident — and his or her loved ones — to have many unanswered questions in the aftermath of such an accident. It is difficult to understand how a driver could just continue driving after knocking down a pedestrian.

The deputy chief of the Charleston Police reported that the hit-and-run accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon. The accident report states that the student was struck by a pickup truck as she crossed the street. The victim suffered a severe concussion and was taken to the hospital by helicopter. Although she was soon discharged to recover at home, such injuries could have long lasting and even life-altering consequences.

Investigators said that, although they have no information about the license plate or the alleged hit-and-run driver, they have obtained footage from a surveillance camera that may assist them in identifying the vehicle. In addition to the color and possible make and model of the pickup truck, the video footage shows that the driver proceeded on his way without stopping at the accident scene. They urged the public to look out for an aqua-green pickup truck with an extended cab and possible front-end damage.

Authorities regard a hit-and-run car accident as a serious felony, and they will do whatever it takes to identify, locate and apprehend the alleged perpetrator. The student who was injured in this unfortunate incident will then be entitled to pursue recovery of damages by filing a personal injury claim. With properly documented evidence of negligence, along with a successful presentation, full and fair compensation may be awarded by an Illinois civil court.

Source: wandtv.com, “Charleston Police Search for Hit-and-Run Suspect“, , Sept. 23, 2014