Personal injury lawsuit filed after car crash in Edwardsville

Whenever a motor vehicle collision involves multiple vehicles, it can be difficult to determine where to assign blame. A personal injury lawsuit was recently filed after a multi-vehicle accident took place in Edwardsville leaving two people injured.

The car accident took place in April and it involved three vehicles that were all driving east on Center Grove Road near the intersection with Troy Road. The man driving the car that was leading in front of the other two stopped to wait for a red light as did the car immediately behind him; a third car failed to stop, pushing the second car into the first car.

The woman in the middle vehicle said that she has suffered a number of permanent injuries, including to her neck, back and hand. The man in the first vehicle also sustained back injuries, including nerve damage.

The lawsuit blames the driver who crashed into the woman’s car for the collision, accusing him of following the vehicle in front of him to closely, speeding, and failing to reduce his speed in order to avoid an accident. The suit also stated that he did not keep a lookout and he did not brake to avoid the crash.

The two plaintiffs, together, have sought more than $100,000 for their medical expenses, lost income, disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering and property damage, among other things.

The future of this case remains to be seen but it is an example of the damages that can be incurred in a car accident and the possibility of holding a negligent driver accountable.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, “Multi-car accident in Edwardsville leads to suit,” Kelly Holleran, Feb. 6, 2013