Passenger killed when 2 bikes collide in a motorcycle accident

It is not uncommon for the drivers of motorcycles and their passengers to suffer severe or fatal injuries when they are involved in accidents. Although a helmet may possibly protect them from suffering head injuries, the rest of their bodies have no protection. Internal and spinal injuries are often the cause of death when a person is killed in a motorcycle accident.

The Illinois State Police recently responded to a Route 114 accident that occurred in the late afternoon in Kankakee County. Two motorcyclists were reportedly traveling in the same direction, one behind the other. The second rider was carrying a passenger, and police reports allege that he was following the front rider too closely. He allegedly smashed into the rear of the Harley Davidson in front of him.

The impact of the collision caused fatal injuries to the passenger who died at the accident scene. Both drivers were hospitalized with injuries reported not to be life-threatening. Authorities reported that the driver who rear-ended the other bike received a citation for his failure to avoid a collision by reducing speed, along with a DUI charge. The investigation is ongoing.

The family of the woman who lost her life in this motorcycle accident may want to pursue recovery of expenses incurred. They retain the right to file a wrongful death claim in an Illinois civil court. Similarly, the injured driver of the other motorcycle may file a personal injury claim. Successfully presented cases that demonstrate negligence may result in monetary restitution being awarded by the court. This may cover medical and end-of-life expenses, along with additional damages as allowed under state laws.

Source:, “Passenger killed when motorcycles collide near Momence”, , Aug. 4, 2014