Parole violator allegedly causes death in drunk driving accident

Motorists in Illinois seldom stop to think of their vulnerability on the roads. Individuals usually have complete faith in their own driving abilities; however, one never knows what to expect from other motorists. When another driver is impaired, a drunk driving accident can happen when least expected. A man with multiple previous convictions was recently arrested after allegedly causing the death of another motorist. Authorities claimed that the driver, who they say was attempting to flee from police, was impaired by alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred.

Elgin police reported an accident that occurred on a Tuesday afternoon in May. They were purportedly chasing a driver who was driving an uninsured vehicle with a license that had been revoked. According to the report, police were following the alleged drunk driver because of a parole violation. When the driver accelerated to high rates of speed, the chase was called off. However, a few blocks farther on, the fleeing driver apparently ignored a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle in the intersection.

The driver of the other vehicle, along with his female passenger, were taken to a nearby hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival. Although she is suspected to survive, the passenger suffered severe injuries. The alleged drunk driver also suffered significant injuries and was arrested upon his recent release from the hospital.

The man who allegedly caused the death of one person and severe injuries to another is now facing multiple charges and awaiting a bond hearing in the county jail. However, the passenger who is fighting for her life and the family of the man who died in the drunk driving accident are now facing high medical and end-of-life costs, along with loss of income. They have the right to pursue recovery of damages by filing a personal injury and wrongful death claim in an Illinois civil court. Successful presentation of the claims may result in a court awarding monetary damages to cover these and other damages as allowed under state laws.

Source: ABC7 Chigaco, “Steven T. Luellen, 34, charged with DUI, reckless homicide in Elgin crash”, , June 3, 2014