NTSB issues recommendations for improving pedestrian safety

Pedestrians are often the victims of traffic accidents. Whether a person is walking in the middle of a bustling city, like Edwardsville, or down a country road, there is danger lurking.

In recent years, the rate of pedestrian injuries and fatalities has increased. The National Transportation Safety Board released a report that outlines a few things that need to occur to keep people safe while walking around motor vehicles.

1. Headlights

The report finds that vehicle headlights need to be brighter and allow for higher spectrums and range of illumination. Adaptive headlights are another tool that the NTSB has found to aid in roadside safety.

2. Hood and bumper improvements

Vehicles could better improve hoods and bumpers to mitigate an impact with a pedestrian in some situations (low-speed accidents, for example.)

3. Crash test data

The NTSB advocates that universal criteria on pedestrian safety and testing needs establishing. This would allow for tests to occur and improve mitigation and safety measures at the vehicular level. It would also allow for a centralized database that would have a compilation of national statistics on pedestrian crash-specific injury and fatality data.

4. Automated collision detection

Many vehicles produced today come with crash avoidance systems that automatically brake when sensors detect an impact with another car is imminent. However, this same system cannot afford the same aversion when it comes to a pedestrian impact. Technology in vehicles needs to evolve to include automatic pedestrian collision avoidance.

5. Infrastructure improvements

The NTSB also recommends an overhaul of roads and sidewalks across the country, including the installation of brighter roadside lights and pedestrian safety countermeasures, such as guardrails at high-impact areas.

Staying safe while walking is something everyone should want. When you are a pedestrian, stay alert and adhere to local safety regulations. As a driver, keep your eyes and ears out for people out taking a stroll.