Not uncommon for mental health issues to follow an auto accident

Being involved in a serious motor vehicle collision can be a traumatic experience. Not only can it cause a victim to suffer physical injuries, but it can result in one enduring psychological damages as well. What type of mental health issues are common following an auto accident and can Illinois residents seek compensation for any losses related to such injuries?

It is estimated that 1 percent of the entire United States population is injured in car accidents every single year. While 1 percent may not sound like a lot, that comes out to around three million people. That is pretty significant.

Of those who suffer physical injuries in such events, nearly 300,000 of them will also develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Depression and anxiety have also been noted in some individuals. Researchers have been trying to figure out what causes mental health issues after a motor vehicle accident, and they have come up with a number of contributing variables. Some of which are:

  • Insufficient social support
  • Injury severity
  • Loss of a friend or significant other
  • Recovery time
  • Restrictions on physical abilities

It is believed that men are more likely to experiencing PTSD or other mental health issues following a serious auto accident. However, women and children are not immune to this problem. Illinois residents who have suffered physical and/or mental health issues as a result of major auto collisions may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. An experienced personal injury attorney can review one’s case and assist in filing and litigating legal claims, if appropriate.

Source:, “Traumatic Stress and Motor Vehicle Accidents“, Todd Buckley, PhD, Accessed on April 22, 2017