Negligent driver allegedly caused fatal motorcycle crash

Whenever an accident occurs that involves a motorcycle and a truck or car, severe injuries are likely to be suffered. It is not uncommon for motorcycle crash victims to suffer serious back injury, traumatic brain injury, fractures and more. Such accidents are often fatal, such as the one that occurred in Illinois on Route 100 on a recent Monday afternoon.

In an accident report, the Illinois State Police said a 24-year-old pickup truck driver from Jerseyville tried to cross the highway from a side road. Allegedly, he failed to keep a proper lookout and pulled directly into the path of a motorcycle. A 58-year-old Caseyville man was traveling North on the highway with a 55-year-old woman as a passenger on his bike.

Unable to avoid a collision, the biker smashed into the side of the pickup truck, causing both occupants of the motorcycle to be ejected. The rider died at the accident scene, and his passenger was rushed to a medical facility in St. Louis by helicopter. The driver of the pickup truck was cited for entering a road at an intersection without yielding. On-scene investigations and clean-up caused the highway to be closed for several hours.

The injured victim and the surviving family members of the deceased victim of this motorcycle crash have the right to seek recovery of losses sustained. Along with medical expenses and the costs related to end-of-life arrangements, financial losses typically also include lost income and more. However, emotional damages such as pain and suffering and loss of life enjoyment or companionship may also be included in documented claims when a personal injury or wrongful death claim is filed in an Illinois civil court. After the establishment of negligence, the court will adjudicate these claims before entering a monetary judgment.

Source:, “Fatal Crash on Great River Road“, Mark Ellebracht, Oct. 18, 2016