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Crystal Lake pedestrian severely injured in car accident

Illinois pedestrians are always vulnerable, because they are unlikely to wear any protective gear. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, it is not only the impact of the car that causes injuries, but also the impact of the pedestrian striking the ground. Injuries suffered by pedestrians who are involved in a car accident are often catastrophic injuries, and in some cases they are even fatal.

Passenger killed when 2 bikes collide in a motorcycle accident

It is not uncommon for the drivers of motorcycles and their passengers to suffer severe or fatal injuries when they are involved in accidents. Although a helmet may possibly protect them from suffering head injuries, the rest of their bodies have no protection. Internal and spinal injuries are often the cause of death when a person is killed in a motorcycle accident.

Illinois teen killed in hit and run car accident on I-88

Whenever a person plans to walk along Illinois roads, especially the highways, he or she may want to be mindful that it could be life-threatening. Just about every day, a news report chronicles a car accident involving a pedestrian. This certainly emphasizes the danger and the need for pedestrians and motorists to be alert. Understandably, pedestrians have no protection and such accidents are often fatal.

Illinois hit-and-run car accident nearly claims 3 lives

The responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle can be one that some people are not willing to deal with once an accident occurs. Drivers who are responsible for an accident where injuries occur should stay at the scene of the car accident until help arrives; however, this is not the case for some drivers. Hit-and-run accidents in Illinois can be particularly dangerous because the driver responsible for the crash is not always caught right away; this can cause longer investigations and a continued risk of more motor vehicle accidents.

Suspect arrested in recent Illinois hit-and-run accident

Driving is a complicated task, though it appears simple enough at first glance. It requires paying attention to other cars on the road, animals, pedestrians and other objects, in addition to the functions of one's own car. Add on top of that distractions like the radio, cell phones, children watching DVDs in the backseat and eating breakfast, and it's no surprise, then, that even the briefest lapse in focus can lead to catastrophic results, sometimes even resulting in a hit-and-run accident, as recently happened in Illinois.

Illinois woman arrested for hit-and-run accident

For those who live in cities, sometimes it is just easier to walk to where one wants to go instead of drive. With the increase in gas prices as well as the probability of getting caught in traffic, walking seems to be a better alternative. However, when one is a pedestrian, one must be cautious to avoid being hit by cars. Illinois pedestrians could be involved in an accident, such as a hit-and-run accident, and one could be seriously injured or possibly even killed.

3 Illinois pedestrians injured in a hit-and-run accident

When one chooses to get behind the wheel of a car and drive, one must pay full attention to the road, including any objects or persons near the road. Sometimes, if one is not paying full attention, pedestrians can seemingly come out of nowhere and in front of one's car, resulting in potential injuries. However, in the case of three Illinois pedestrians, being anywhere near the road, such as sitting on the curb, can be dangerous for pedestrians. The three pedestrians were injured in a hit-and-run accident when a man hit them with his vehicle and left the scene.

Bicycle accident killed 62-year-old Illinois man

Especially in the beautiful Illinois summer weather, riding one's bicycle can be an enjoyable as well as healthy experience. Due to the rising gas prices, more people are opting to ride their bicycles to places they need to go such as work instead of driving a motor vehicle. With an increased number of bicyclists, drivers of motor vehicles must be careful when driving near a bicyclist because they are not in enclosed vehicles and are susceptible to major injuries if hit. An Illinois bicycle accident occurred recently in which the cyclist was fatally injured.

Father and son killed in Illinois motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles to drive because they are not enclosed vehicles like cars and trucks. Unfortunately, even though motorcycles are fun and exciting to drive, they frequently are reported to be involved in accidents. A motorcycle accident is always a tragedy, and that tragedy becomes even worse when deaths occur as a result of the crash. A father and son were recently killed in a fatal motorcycle accident in Illinois.

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