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Posts tagged "distracted driving"

Study: hands-free devices dangerous for drivers

Using hands-free cellphones and voice-activated devices while driving is more dangerous than previously believed, according to a new study by the AAA. The study found that these devices are actually more distracting for drivers than using handheld cellphones.

Top 10 distractions behind the wheel

A couple of weeks ago in this Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog, we discussed how much of a distraction kids can be to drivers. An insurance company recently performed a study of fatal car accidents to analyze the various distractions that drivers face. It found that other occupants of vehicles--such as children--are the 4th most dangerous distraction.

Study: too many drivers distracted by kids in the backseat

A major cause of car accidents in the Edwardsville area is distracted driving. Whether it is due to texting, talking or being a deejay, many drivers are letting their attention stray from the road. A recent study suggests that electronics are not the most dangerous distraction a person can have in the car, however. The worst distraction is actually children--question-asking, snack-requesting, fussy children.

Report: Missouri struggling to enforce texting-while-driving ban

Many dangerous car accidents that take place on the roads throughout southern Illinois and Missouri are caused by distracted driving. Whether someone is texting and driving, paying attention to the stereo more than the roads, or talking on the phone while driving, many people simply are letting diversions get in the way of driving and it is having terrible effects. In an attempt to curb distracted driving and the injuries it causes, many states have restricted drivers' rights to use cellphones while driving.

Survey: more drivers are surfing the web behind the wheel

When people in Edwardsville hear about a car accident caused by distracted driving, they might often assume that a driver was talking or texting on a cellphone prior to a collision. A new survey conducted by State Farm finds that another distraction is to blame for many of these dangerous accidents--surfing the web.

Madison County students learn about distracted driving, car accident risk

We've heard countless news stories over the past decade about the increased risk of car accidents caused by using a cell phone while driving. People who talk on their cell phones aren't paying enough attention to the road, and those that text and drive are taking their eyes off the road for seconds at a time. Drivers who use their cell phones while driving often think that they have everything under control, and they don't need to worry about getting in a car accident.

Stretch of Illinois highway dedicated to young car crash victims

A split-second decision can result in a car accident that can change someone's life forever. Choosing to speed, drink and drive, or even take one's eyes off the road for just a moment, can all lead to terrible car accidents that can cause serious injuries or death. A new memorial sign that was erected on a stretch of Interstate 64 in St. Clair County, Illinois, will hopefully remind drivers to make responsible decisions behind the wheel.

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