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2 die in motorcycle accident involving car crossing center line

Even when riders choose to wear helmets, motorcyclists remain vulnerable. Without the protection specially designed car bodies offer to motorists, motorcyclists who are involved in crashes often suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. Two people recently lost their lives in a motorcycle accident just west of Illinois City.

Bike riders are often prejudged after a motorcycle accident

The majority of Illinois motorcycle accidents involve collisions with vehicles. Severe injuries and even fatalities are common consequences of a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often typecast as individuals who live and ride recklessly, while many accidents are caused by another motorist's failure to look out for, or yield to a motorcycle, along with other forms of negligence.

Motorcycle accident more likely to result in death than car crash

According to studies by the federal government, 30 times more motorcyclists died than motorists in 2009 -- when calculated per traveled mile. There are significant numbers of motorcycles traveling on Illinois roads, and there are many reasons why people prefer this mode of transport. The fun and sense of freedom, along with lower transportation costs contribute to their popularity. Motorcycles with enhanced performance capabilities may encourage quick acceleration, risky maneuvers and excessive speed that could result in a motorcycle accident.

Illinois teenage passenger dies in motorcycle accident

Losing a child at the tender age of 14 must surely break the hearts of her family. Having to face the high costs of a funeral and burial while coping with the heartache may be overwhelming. This is the fate of an Illinois mother who lost her daughter in a recent motorcycle accident.

Passenger killed when 2 bikes collide in a motorcycle accident

It is not uncommon for the drivers of motorcycles and their passengers to suffer severe or fatal injuries when they are involved in accidents. Although a helmet may possibly protect them from suffering head injuries, the rest of their bodies have no protection. Internal and spinal injuries are often the cause of death when a person is killed in a motorcycle accident.

Illinois van driver may be responsible for motorcycle accident

Passengers traveling by bus or van naturally trust the driver to deliver them to their destination without incidents. However, if the driver fails to obey the basic rules of the road, he or she puts not only the lives of passengers in jeopardy, but also the lives of other road users. In a recent Illinois motorcycle accident on Route 52 in Lee County, police officers suspect a van driver was at fault. Apparently, charges were pending.

Man claims rear-ending driver caused motorcycle accident

Accidents between motorcycles and cars often result in severe injuries. Although a helmet can help prevent traumatic brain injuries, a motorcyclist's body is exposed to the impact of the crash. Spinal injuries and internal trauma are often associated with motorcycle accidents. Illinois readers of this blog may be interested in the alleged suffering of a man after a motorcycle accident in 2012.

Illinois motorcycle accident leaves 1 dead and 1 injured

When an accident in Illinois involves a motorcycle and any larger vehicle, the resultant injuries are often much more severe for the motorcyclist than that of the vehicle driver or passengers. Although a helmet may reduce the risk of head and brain injuries in a motorcycle accident, the lack of further protection often results in severe back injuries, fractured bones and possible internal injuries. Such accidents can certainly cause life-altering injuries and even death.

Illinois couple victims of fatal motorcycle accident

Every day, thousands of motorcyclists ride alongside cars and trucks on busy highways and suburban streets. The vast majority of these motorcyclists are able to safely enjoy their ride as they commute to their destination. However, what begins as an enjoyable ride can turn tragic when the road is shared with a driver who is under the influence and thus impaired. An Illinois woman, who suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident that claimed the life of her husband two months prior, has now died.

Motorcycle accident sends Illinois motorcyclist to the hospital

Every motorcyclist knows to take extra care when driving his or her motorcycle because of the risk involved when one chooses to drive a vehicle that is not enclosed. Motorcycles can drive just as fast as cars, but being in a vehicle that is not enclosed means that if a wreck occurs, even a more minor one, the motorcyclist is at a high risk of injury. However, not only do the motorcyclist in Illinois as well as the rest of the country need to watch out for themselves on the road, but also the drivers of other vehicles on the road should take extra care looking out for motorcyclists to prevent causing a motorcycle accident.

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