Motorcycle Awareness Month is here

Many people in the Edwardsville area have dusted off their motorcycles as the weather has gotten nicer in recent weeks. When more and more bikers hit the roads in spring and summer here in Illinois, unfortunately, we tend to see more motorcycle accidents. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and it is a good time for bikers and car drivers to brush up on their motorcycle safety skills.

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injury or death. Last year, 150 motorcyclists died in Illinois, and although motorcyclists make up only 3 percent of the registered vehicles in Illinois, they accounted for 15 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in 2012

One of the most important things that drivers of cars, SUVs and trucks can do to avoid crashing into a motorcycle is simply to look out for motorcycles. The state of Illinois is currently running a “Start Seeing Motorcyclists” campaign to reinforce how important it is for drivers to be aware of motorcyclists.

Drivers should also be very careful to check the position of a motorcycle several times before driving through an intersection or making a turn.

Bikers, too, should do their part to stay safe. This includes wearing protective gear, remaining visible and considering taking a motorcycle safety class. Illinois offers free motorcycle education courses at several locations. Drivers and bikers should do their part to share the roads safely and keep motorcycle accidents down this year.

When people are injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may be wise to seek legal advice regarding their rights to pursue compensation for their injuries and related expenses.

Source: Beloit Daily News, “Bikers encouraged to ride safely,” Shaun Zinck, May 11, 2013