Motorcycle accident sends Illinois motorcyclist to the hospital

Every motorcyclist knows to take extra care when driving his or her motorcycle because of the risk involved when one chooses to drive a vehicle that is not enclosed. Motorcycles can drive just as fast as cars, but being in a vehicle that is not enclosed means that if a wreck occurs, even a more minor one, the motorcyclist is at a high risk of injury. However, not only do the motorcyclist in Illinois as well as the rest of the country need to watch out for themselves on the road, but also the drivers of other vehicles on the road should take extra care looking out for motorcyclists to prevent causing a motorcycle accident.

An Illinois man was recently charged and arrested for causing a motorcycle accident that resulted in serious injury for the motorcyclist. The man who was driving a car rear-ended a motorcycle at an intersection. He claims that he failed to see the motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist was thrown off of his bike, and he suffered major injuries from the crash. He had to be taken to an area hospital for treatment. The driver of the car has been charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid having an accident as well as driving under the influence of drugs.

Even though the man will face criminal charges, it is possible that he may still eligible for a civil suit as well. The Illinois motorcyclist could be able to file a personal injury claim against the driver of the car. This claim could compensate him for medical bills as well as punitive damages that he received as a result of his motorcycle accident.

Source: The Southern, Driver charged after crash with motorcycle, No author, Sept. 1, 2013