More fatal car accident predicted for this Labor Day weekend

The National Safety Council looked at the nationwide death rate from fatal car accidents and reported a significant increase when compared to 2014. This may foretell a deadly Labor Day weekend. Reportedly, the number of fatal car accident injuries across the country since the beginning of this year already exceeds 19,000, and 2.2 million people suffered serious injuries. The NSC noted that Illinois ranks among the top five states where significant increases in road fatalities were recorded.

Reportedly, along with the increase in road accidents, the miles traveled and the numbers of vehicles on the country’s road have also grown. That will likely lead to more accidents and more deaths. A spokesperson for an automotive research company said drivers are often their own worst enemies because distracted driving is believed to significantly contribute the number of lives lost.

It was also noted that the new safety measures in cars might mean that the number of people involved in car accidents but escaping injury has also increased. There are more cars on the roads with airbags, blind spot warning systems, automatic braking, backup cameras and more. However, even with all the safety devices and warning systems, drivers must remain attentive at all times.

Those in Illinois who plan to travel during this Labor Day weekend may want to pay extra attention and keep a lookout for the actions of other drivers. Any person who suffers car accident injuries resulting from the negligence of other parties may seek recovery of financial and emotional damages through the state’s justice system. The same goes for those who lose loved ones in car accidents. Personal injury and/or wrongful death claims may be filed in civil court.

Source:, “Car crash deaths climb despite better auto safety”, Kimiya Manoochehri, Aug. 25, 2016